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             About Us
Evolution of AV Squared

Circa 1972....A young boy is sitting in his elementary school
classroom watching a 16mm movie about the earth's core when
something happened that changed his life forever... the projector
jammed and started rolling tape onto the floor.  He jumped up to
help his teacher.  After hitting a few switches the projector was
fixed.  A hero?  Well, not to his classmates, they were forced to
watch many other films ranging from "The Mating Habits of Moths"
to "the Wonderful World of Earthworms"....

1990....Audio Visual Technologies is formed in Tempe, Arizona.  
According to AVT's president Mark Steinacker, "AVT was created
to fill a need for a full service Audio/Visual company that offered
high quality equipment, personalized service and an emphasis on
client satisfaction."

1998...AVT evolves into AV2 to address the exponential
challenges offered by  today's high-tech business meeting
environment.  AV2 meets these challenges by creating and
working within teams of creative and technical professionals.  This
teamwork allows for the seamless integration of all parts of your
project.  Of course, they can still rent you a 16mm projector if
you'd like to show your class a movie about the earth's core.
About Us